To make it clear, we all want to travel or stay at home.  Also, not to work with same people over and over again. Perhaps you are working as a double person, while your coworker is focused on the phone.

To end this struggle, a team made of two hard workers, have created Limbo, which hopefully will become the No.1 online hiring platform. Tyler Gaw and Chris Dary currently are open for questions related to their new startup, so take a good look at Limbo and get in touch with them for more info.

Limbo – Be Your Own Boss at Home

Limbo is not the only platform offering jobs, that’s for sure. However, it has some advantages over other online platforms. Every person can find something challenging and according to their skills. If you belong to a certain group, meaning if you are black or disabled, or member of an unrepresented group, it might be hard for you to find a new job and chase your dreams.

Limbo has a strict policy when it comes to this matter. Instead of creating just one profile with your photo, education etc. you can have more. Likewise, many contractors require free work at the beginning, so you present your skills and efforts.

Can you imagine this situation: If a client needs a content writer and if it demands a trial task beforehand and 50 people reach out and write the task in advance. How much money has he saved by doing this? For this reason, clients need to pay in advance $30 to request a reveal. This is a sort of worker’s protection because all individuals want to hear from serious leaders.

New Day – New Opportunity

Many employees stay and put up with their current work just because they are afraid to step away from the bubble and search for something new. Even I struggled when I quit my previous job, but that is the whole point with Limbo. Don’t be afraid of getting rejected. A new great opportunity will come when you least expect it.