How many times have you given up learning Japanese, because you didn’t have the right teacher? Kanso knows its job and will help you learn effectively!

If you enjoy learning languages as much as I do, then you want to have the proper tool which will successfully guide you towards a new path. Growing up as a kid, I had difficulties adapting with new teachers. This, because they all had methods that did not work with me. So, instead of taking extra private classes, I was reaching out to books, possibly with illustrations.  

Nowadays, we all have an access to a personal computer or a smart device, so learning is so much easier. Kanso is one of these apps that are a life changer because of the way lessons are divided and of course because it has voice and pictures which eases the process of learning.

Learning with Kanso Is Easy

Although I have never had the desire to master Japanese, sometimes I want to know about language’s grammar and the variety of words it excels. In a brief interview with the founder Jason Cornwall, he explained to me that the reason why Kanso exists is to help people have an easy access to knowledge.

It all started as a personal eager to master Japanese. Since he couldn’t find a good app on the Play Store, Jason decided to build his own.  In addition, he wanted to help others learn the language better for less than $2 a month.Although the app is in the first stage and learners can access the entry level, and grasp the most important aspects of the language quickly. After all, you have to start from somewhere, right?

Kanso Is The Best Alternative to Learn Japanese

The lessons in Kanso flow in the order of intricacy. Introductory subjects are presented in the starting such as fundamental grammar and vocabulary, with advanced subjects being introduced later on.  

Each course has a number of lessons that expand upon the core topic. Although courses are organized in a specific sequence, they do not have actually to be taken in that order. Unlike some other popular applications, users are complimentary to hop around and take courses that especially interest them. This is perfect when you feel bored with the same type of activity.  

As a linguist myself, I must try it! Although I have zero knowledge of Japanese, with Kanso I might even get encouraged to learn more…