Allbirds uses wool to make quality and long lasting sneakers. These are easy for jogging, walking and for a meeting and environment-friendly.

Remember how you wanted the first pair of Nike shoes so badly? Well, now times have changed and people are actually looking for comfort. Not saying they are not comfortable, but now Allbirds have something that fits everyone’s style and provides extreme comfort. These shoes are made of wool and are available in a few colours. Find out why they have been sold out so soon.

The Birth of Allbirds

College or high school is a time for experimentation in every field. Many young entrepreneurs got their idea while being on the school desks, so this one is likewise inspired by a former professional soccer player from New Zealand.

For many years he was the face of Nike. They were paying him to promote all sorts of shoes. But, one day he actually got tired of promoting the brand, so instead he got an idea to make his own company (Allbirds) and promote the comfort and model. Tim Brown and Joey Zwillingler are the partners in this crime that will make Manhattan lose their heads next year when the official shop opens. Needless to say, the business was established in 2014 and for now, it is a complete success.

Thanks to the Kickstarter campaign back in 2014, within four days, they launched the first pair of Allbirds ‘It’s all birds sneakers’ that has become a uniform as jeans these days are.

Allbirds Signature

The future for Allbirds is really bright. New collaborations will be coming soon, which will include kid’s wear as well. However, the main focus would always be the adult’s comfort. No wonder why CEO’s women entrepreneurs and all professionals started wearing these comfortable wool shoes.

Environmental Protection

Allbirds are doubling their sales, but in the process, they ‘keep it green’. The environment is really important, so they will continue using natural-material innovation.

Brown states:

“Rather than just focusing on our brand name, we created something for each client. We care about the comfort and environment, so this is precisely why we have focused maniacally on natural material development. It’s has been a great year for our shapes and designs and we really love our jobs. We are quite excited for the next few months and years.”

I can’t imagine how hard everything is for these guys. But, by seeing the models and the general environmental awareness they teach us of, I must say that these are shoes worth having. No matter if you are attending a meeting or just walking around the city. Allbirds are everything that I dreamed of for quite some time.