Marketing is one of the most important facets of a successful business. In fact, faring well in this aspect of the business will easily lead to more sales and improved profit. In order to market your brand, product or service more thoroughly, you need to have a tight grasp of pertinent marketing statistics to build your marketing decisions upon. Here are some stats that will surely change the course of your marketing strategies:

1. More than half of marketing graduates are unfamiliar with affiliate strategies

Affiliate marketing or the process of promoting the products and services of another person or company while earning a profit for each sale is a very promising way to market your goods. As a savvy startup owner, though, you might want to consider more experienced marketers instead of new graduates because according to recent studies, new marketing graduates are yet to learn the ropes to affiliate marketing.

2. Mobile advertising triumphs over digital advertising.

Is it wise to splurge on digital advertising in this day and age? According to reports, it is better to zero in on mobile advertising rather than to put all your eggs in digital advertising. Consumers nowadays are more inclined to get exposed to mobile ads rather than digital ads. To that end, you might also want to consider working on making your website responsive (or mobile-friendly!) to give you a good head start in going mobile.

3. Beauty shoppers prefer Instagram

The next marketing trend is niche-specific. According to reports, 65% of consumers in the beauty industry use Instagram for inspiration. Thus, if you belong to this niche, zeroing in on your Instagram initiatives would be a good call for your marketing campaign.

4. More than 60% of e-commerce brands do not offer personalized experiences

Online shopping is thriving but despite its satisfactory performance, studies show that e-commerce brands do not follow a personalized shopping experience for their consumers. Simply put, they do not target the needs of their customers strategically, particularly because they have limited information about their customer base.

5. Snapchat is only temporary

Studies also show that consumers are more attuned to using Facebook and other social media platforms that have been there for a long time as compared to newer platforms such as Snapchat. Apparently, consumers view the latter as a passing trend whereas the use of Facebook is seen as a mainstay.

6. Email marketing is still at the top

How effective is email marketing in reaching out to customers and tapping the right target market? If reports are any indication, it would seem that email is still quite viable in this day and age. Consumers nowadays express a strong faith in email platforms as a reliable means to interact with your customers.

7. Supermarket sales and promotion are declining

Supermarket promotion is not at the top of its game to date. Based on recent findings, supermarket promotion and sales have significantly dropped over the years. This is partly due to consumers patronizing temporary discounts that are offered elsewhere.


Knowing what’s in and what’s not is more than just a way to keep yourself in the loop. More than anything else, gathering marketing trends and statistics ultimately help you in making strategic and profitable marketing and business decisions for your startup.