You have started consuming alcoholic drinks not just on the weekends but at home too? DxRx Medical can help you overcome this problem.

DxRx Medical is an application intended for individuals who drink more than the recommended and for those who are having intentions of quitting alcohol for good. If going to a party is your regular thing and also hangovers are your routine, definitely this application is for you. Seek help before things get out of control!

DxRx Medical – The help you need

More than 34 million people suffer from increased alcohol consumption, but only 7$ get the required treatment for recovery. The mission of DxRx Medical creators David Deacon, Robert Nix and John Mendelson is to provide support through universal app handled by smartphones.

The creators of DxRx Medicine have actually made a telemedicine service that provides relief of symptoms in a few weeks from your house without fear of being lost, or social stigma. Continuing, the recovery consists of medication adherence, a breathalyzer for keeping track of use, dependency therapists, notifications based on client status and a lot more.

What DxRx Medical Does

DxRx Medicine embraces the progressive disease and permits patients to accomplish recovery by themselves. Clients make fast progress throughout the six-month program, cutting beverages daily, and changing addicting habits with life-affirming practices.

Drinking Problem – The Issue of the Century

Drinking and driving have profound, life-altering consequences for intoxicated chauffeurs, their families, and neighborhoods. The medical profession has actually been slow to deliver services that help battle alcohol use disorder. This is why DxRx Medical was created by medical personnel.

Alcohol dependency is not a matter of option and strength of character. Researchers have discovered there is much more to a drinking problem than personal virtue.

How alcoholism is being born

Endorphins are the brain’s natural morphine, which is released during drinking. With alcohol consumption endorphins are released and are taken in by receptors located on specific nerve cells in the brain. As soon as absorbed, the brain is rewarded and new connections in between these neurons form. For some, repetitive drinking alcohol drinks over years strengthen and reinforces these usually weak connections. When this takes place, the brain becomes hardwired to consume.

Often, alcoholics are not aware of their drinking problem, so admitting having alcohol problems is a big step. Individuals who constantly skip AA meetings can greatly benefit from DxRx Medical and get the recovery needed.

How DxRx Medical Works

Brand-new patients start by having a video interview with a doctor. Afterwards, they get medical diagnose and prescription to drugs such as Naltrexone, which is planned to lower the yearning for alcohol. A therapist speaks to the patient after a few days of their reaching, either by phone, video call or text, and the app tracks the patient’s development. DxRx Medical staff asks the client to buy a breathalyzer and test his/her blood alcohol level every morning and evening. The app‘s analytics likewise can forecast when a patient is going to have a regression, and take actions to avoid that problem.

The Co-Founders Words about DxRx Medical

DxRx Medical is intended for alcoholics or anybody who would rather consume less alcoholic drinks from individuals who have the tendency to have too many celebrations to people who consume a bottle of alcohol daily.

The concept is to alter troublesome drinking practices prior to they get out of hand. This platform will not make patients quit alcoholic drinks instantly. Instead, it will make them drink in moderation and stay sober. See the tutorial that will make you change your life.

First Step of Treatment

DxRx Medical utilizes Naltrexone as the first choice of medication in the treatment process. It is officially approved by FDA for the treatment of people who wish to manage their drinking problem. This medicine blocks opiate receptors, and this results in a decreased desire for drinking alcoholic drinks.


If you enjoy sharing stories on AA meetings, then you should totally go. But, if you rather solve your drinking problem discreetly, then DxRx Medical is for you. In just 6 months from now on, you will be looking at a completely new person who will have less desire for drinking and more for a living.