Do you know how satisfying is sitting in the afternoon accompanying your coffee with some world news and alluring photographs by not so famous artists? Personally, when I am lacking out of decorative ideas for my space, or I need to cut the monotony in the kitchen, I am searching for an eye-catching palette that will inspire me to make something delicious. This is exactly the case here with Unsplash.

Keep Up with Unsplash

For those who spend too much time on Pinterest discovering the latest trends and artistic stuff, it is time to cut off the large same photos that appear with the tags you write. Instead, give Unsplash a try.

It is an excellent way to maybe find the personal photographer for your blog or business. You have the chance to see in advance the type of creativity. Also, the peace of mind they bring to each of their works.

The Story Behind The Project

Mikael Cho is the founder of Unsplash along with his beloved wife and other two members of the platform for finding work as a designer or developer (Crew

This whole project was not born in one night. Instead, it was raised for good 8 years, before the final product was served on a gold platter. Michael lived in a basement for quite some time, after paying college debts, but now, after struggling for several years to get this platform on the right way, he has something to be proud of.

Major Issues While Building Unsplash

It is no secret that every startup has its ups and downs. The major setback on this project was to actually find the right audience. Now, you don’t have to store your vacation photos or random snaps you find artistic. You can post it right on Unsplash and let people see it. The best part is that you can get accredited properly for what you do, and who knows, perhaps today is your lucky day to find the job you have always wanted to do.

If there is one thing we should learn from Mikael is that hard work always pays off. So, who knows, maybe you will learn something and implement it in your business.