Lunch. It’s that pesky thing we have to stop and figure out in the middle of our workday. For some it’s a blessed break for an indulgent treat; for others, it’s a sad tuna sandwich at our desk. Regardless of your lunchtime scenario, most of us come to midday and stop and ask this question: what the heck am I having for lunch?

Thankfully, there exists a surplus of apps and websites that understand this problem. If you find the right tools, what’s for lunch? is a question you should never have to ask yourself ever again. But beyond the usual suspects (Yelp, Foursquare, Grubhub), there are new, more intuitive ways to find the exact lunch you’re in the mood for. Below we cover three unique, simple ways to make the most out of your midday meal:


Forkable is a new San Fran based startup company that is trying to make lunchtime at the office one less decision you’ll have to make in your day. Forkable is the only company that actually goes out, buys, and brings back lunch for the entire office. Yep, it’s that simple. According to Forkable’s website, here’s how it works: participants sign up and tell Forkable what they usually like to eat. Weekly, Forkable selects a menu and schedules lunches for the entire office based on their chosen preferences. If you’re satisfied with Forkable’s choices for the week, then lunch is delivered to the office, right on time. Users can also rate their meals on Forkable to make the service more intuitive to your personal meal preferences. Forkable’s only available for the San Fransisco area for now, but any service that provides the food you enjoy, right to your face, probably won’t stay small for long. It’s like having a best friend or boyfriend who knows exactly what to bring you to eat every day. Interested? Businesses can sign up for this service, or request more information, at Forkable’s website.

Food Truck Follower

Available in most major cities, Food Truck Follower is an Android app that tracks when and where your favorite food trucks are in your local area. The app users food truck’s Twitter feeds, which serves as a live feed update, to provide up-to-the-minute info on a truck’s movements. Within the app, users browse trucks, find their favorites, and curate a feed of food trucks to follow. When one from your list is in nearby, the app will send a notification, as if one cue with the grumbling of your stomach.  The app is still relatively new, but it has already expanded to over 30 cities nationwide, and has hundreds of food trucks available in its database. Your fave truck not in town today? No problem; your new favorite meals-on-wheels is only a swipe away on the app, giving you hundreds of choices for quick lunchtime faire. 


EAT24 is similar to its major competitor, Doorstep Delivery, but EAT24 lets users search by the type of food item they’re craving, and not by restaurant alone. For instance, if you’re craving a pressed Cuban sandwich, EAT24 will show you a restaurant that will deliver one right to your office. This experience is much more user-friendly and less time consuming than similar delivery apps, where you still have to pick a place and browse a menu before making a lunchtime decision. Eat25 lets users order food to go from over 25,000  different restaurants spanning their 1,500 city range. Plus, the app easily stores all of your vital info and preferences, so ordering food is a simple as a few swipes on your phone (speaking of, the app is available on both iPhone and Android).Voila, exactly the lunch you want, at your service.