Time to start your new business? What name will it have? What type of public will you attract? Startup Stash is the answer.

When you are at the beginning of a new business, you will need every possible help you can find. Whether is about finding the perfect audience, or creating the company’s logo or constructing the whole website. The marketing campaign is what really matters so with Startup Stash you can be answering one by one question in a more organized way. It will advise you properly thanks to the hundreds of reliable and affordable tools.

What is Startup Stash?

Startup Stash is a great resources directory that we can use in our startup. The web is organized in different categories, taking us from different generations to ideas, to finding a suitable name, finding domains and all the necessary tools to create, enhance and make known our startup.

If you discover a resource or tool that fits the stage your startup is currently in, Startup Stash also includes a direct link so you can inspect out the resource for yourself. With 40 areas, each section with its own top 10 list, this platform provides a massive 400 resources and tools, like Early Users, Marketing, Raising Capital and Customer Support and that’s just the start.

What Inspired the Founder to create Startup Stash?

Bram Kanstein is the face behind this huge project. He states that he needs to add new classifications. These, consisting of income models, pitch and deck, item and job management, and financing docs in the future.

And that is the genuine potential of Startup Stash – producing a one-stop store for startups that can be expanded as needed. Bram Kanstein stated “I thought it would be fun to construct a basic and helpful website that can help you find resources and tools while building your startup. I hope this platform will become your right hand while building your business” he added.

So folks, whenever you need professional help, without too much research and headaches of codes not working well, remember Startup Stash was made exactly for you.