SendGrid is a cloud-based email infrastructure and it offers real-time analytics, trusted deliverability in addition to flexible API.

SendGrid is what every business needs. Its WordPress plugin replaces the original WordPress mail function using either an SMTP or API integration. With this platform, you can easily upload contacts directly to your Marketing Campaigns via a subscription widget.

What Is SendGrid?

The SendGrid platform will improve your transactional e-mail delivery and quickly scale to meet your needs. Offering flexible Web and SMTP API’s, this platform can easily incorporate into any cloud-based email infrastructure. The system made by Isaac Saldana, Jose Lopez and Tim Jenkins will have your transactional e-mail up and run in minutes.

Why You Need It

On average, more than 20% of emails from our server to our customers/visitors never even reach the inbox. Due to the fact of this, e-mail delivery is never ensured, even for the transactional emails which are crucial to any business.

For this problem the platform offers an application that delivers world-class expertise, making sure your emails do reach the consumer’s inboxes.

Real-Time Analytics

With SendGrid, you can make strong choices with precise analytics on your e-mail campaigns. Easily categorize separate email projects and track stats down to the email address.

Likewise, you can track requests, check reports, spam reports, unsubscribe tracking and block. All of these statistics are available through Web APIs.

Trusted Experience

Multi-millionaire businesses operate with SendGrid. This platform is an option to more than 150,000 web application businesses and developers, including Uber, Pinterest, Airbnb, Spotify etc.


Not surprisingly, this platform delivers way more than 100 billion e-mails per year. This including small and large businesses, whether you’re sending 100 emails or billions of emails per month. Its infrastructure is all set to scale and satisfy the demand anytime.

With this solution, you will have the possibility to make the most of a situation. This, thanks to the tracking and analytics which improve the user engagement on your WordPress. And just when you need some help, you will get it from the word class support.