What first was a simple startup for Formlabs, now it is a well-flourished business. All this,  thanks to the Pinshape 3D printer. Let’s go back to the basics.

In 2013, a start-up by the name of Formlabs made a big splash with their 3D printer. At the time, this printer was among the first consumer-oriented stereolithography printers that the world had ever seen. Instead of producing things by squirting molten plastic through a nozzle, this best all in one printer utilizes a laser to “grow” objects.

Formlabs’s Start with the Pinshape Printer

As crazy as it sounds, at that time the market was already flooded with numerous 3D printers. All were constructed around the same standard plastic extruding innovation. However, Formlabs’ team with David Cranor, Maxim Lobovsky and Natan Linder offered something different. Due to the big success, the company late in 2015 launched the simply called Form 2, successfully doubling the sales.

In addition, Type 1 remained as a champion between sales. Nowadays, Formlabs are once again on the market with a new better SLA printer that is poised to take 3D printing scene by storm yet once again.

Formlabs’ Pinshape Printer Type 2

The Type 2 Pinshape printer is a monster. It’s not just a little upgrade to the Type 1. Instead, it’s a total and overall overhaul. Formlabs has basically taken all the defects and drawbacks of the first-gen printer and systematically resolved them through a series of major style changes.

Form 2 can print objects roughly 40 percent larger than its predecessor, the Type 1. It’s likewise a fair bit quicker than the very first generation-someplace around 30 to 40 percent. This speed increase comes from the machine’s more effective laser, which strengthens the photopolymer resin about half faster, and with more accuracy.

Structure and Design

When it comes to the design, Type 2 is the most thoughtful 3D SLA printer on earth. It is not just a small, evolutionary upgrade from the first generation, but a complete overhaul that is purposefully created to resolve all the major discomfort points related to SLA printing.

This best all in one printer can produce top quality prints with really tidy, sharp edges and great reproduction of subtle details.