Pandacolors have recently joined the app market and now everyone is obsessed with the app that can make you become a designer.

Pandacolors is a startup that takes care of people who are lacking designing skills. If you are like me with lack of skills or clueless in matching colours, I suggest you try this one.

Patrik Svoboda and Tuan Anh Phung along with a team of creative designers claim their motivation was to create one of the best design apps that will help even those who don’t understand anything about graphic design but have a sense for matching colours.

The idea behind Pandacolors

“The reason why we decided to come up with Pandacolors is that we understand that not only graphic designers are in need of selecting the best colours. In some cases, everyone needs a motivation or help when it comes to producing a nice mix of colours. However, if the person sees a palette with choices in front of them, picking a colour may be simple as snapping your fingers.”- says Patrik about their startup.

What is Pandacolors?

Pandacolors is a web app design tool that offers a one-click colour generator with real-time preview. The tool includes the capability to conserve preferred colour schemes and keep them for later projects. Likewise, it has an option for sharing colours with coworkers.

Seeing the colours on real-time templates, you do not have to copy and paste hex codes to your graphics or code editors prior to you have chosen that you desire it! With Pandacolors, you can avoid these laborious and annoying steps.

Produce Colors Forever

The best thing about this startup is the fact that you can produce colours until the world will end. You can conserve independently your favourite colour design and keep it for next project.  Likewise, you can send out an ink with lovely colours to your coworkers and start a discussion. After all, we all need more start-ups like this one. Thanks to the creators now we can improve our skills and design and possibly even develop beginner’s design skills.