Having a 9-5 job that you don’t enjoy anymore? Outsite is for you! Work remotely from amazing destination while travelling.

People have the tendency to complain about their workspace, but never actually doing anything to change it. From a personal perspective, when workers are satisfied, meaning working in accordance with their schedule, travelling or simply studying, is better reflecting in the industry they are in. This is why Outsite was founded.

To work remotely for me was life-changing. I don’t have to spend time going to work because I simply have it on my desk at home. In case you are talented and looking for new colleagues while sharing an amazing and inspiring workplace, meet Outsite – the Nomad Support.

Outsite – How to chase your dreams

Many times you will find yourself surrounded with colleagues that you don’t really like. This can make you care less of your job, and look forward to weekends. With Outsite you can meet wonderful same talented people as you, which you might consider a family. Not to exaggerate, but wouldn’t it be good if you spend your days working remotely and meeting your colleagues for a meal on the beach?

For now, Outsite offers the following work remotely positions: VP of Sales, Marketing Analytics, Director of product marketing, Enterprise Solutions Architect, Senior UX Designer, Channel Manager, Senior Software Engineer and Project Manager. Did I mention that the salaries are around $100,000 a year?

Anyways, the yearly subscription or enrolment for this type of remote working is $99 per year, which is not a lot in comparison to what you will earn. Good news if you are staying in Europe! In case you cannot just simply pack your things and go anywhere in (New York, Hawaii, Venice Beach, San Diego, Santa Cruz, Lake Tahoe, Costa Rica or Puerto Rico), you will have to wait for another year and see the future destinations.

Outsite’s Team

Anyone who knows how to do any of the suggested tasks above can join. The whole purpose of Outsite’s team consisting of Nicole Fu, Stijn Beauprez, Emmanuel Guisset and Dani Misleh is for you to be happy while you travel, to explore destinations and have a career with a good paying job.

Now, you have a chance to change your future and become a digital nomad. If you prefer to be constantly moving, instead of being at one place, sign up for this! Let Outsite take care of you.