The whole idea is not to brush your teeth harder, but smarter, stated the co-founder of French startup Kolibree, Loic Cessot

The Idea Behind Kolibree

“When you use a normal toothbrush, you never know how clean is it or when to throw it,”-  says Cessot. Adding, “The only individual who actually knows is a dentist”. When the application is connected to this “smart electronic toothbrush” the user can understand if it has actually cleaned well or it has actually not brushed thoroughly enough. They can even serve moms and dads to see if their kids have actually washed their teeth well.

The Kolibree smart brush has algorithms that will be able to discover your personal brushing practices.  Likewise, as you go utilizing, it ends up being smarter. This electronic toothbrush will be able to collect a variety of information from your brushing. Additionally, it will recognize exactly where in the mouth you are brushing. Users will have actually intriguing data associated with frequency, period, areas of brushing and their usual schedules.

What Kolibree Has?

As mentioned previously, Kolibree is a new smart electronic toothbrush which provides exquisite dental care. It is designed for everyone that will alter the way you look after your teeth. Its applications and gamification features motivates you and empower you to take control of your oral health.

The whole vision of the founder is to bring to the market a new solution that totally re-invents dental hygiene. Thanks to its oral sensors, the Kolibree toothbrush can keep an eye on brushing practices on mobile phones. The mobile application allows you to play video games, which can be a really fun way to make your kids regularly brush their teeth.

Kolibree – A toothbrush for Everyone

The Kolibree toothbrush is linked by Bluetooth to your iOS and Android Smart Phone and/or tablet. The information sent out from the electronic toothbrush is evaluated by the application. Secondly, it offers you feedback en route you brush your teeth.

The look and feel of the toothbrush, have been a crucial part of the project for the team, as they mention. Compared to other electrical toothbrushes which are often huge and cumbersome, the Kolibree toothbrush is stylish, light, and developed to quickly fit both adult and kid’s hands. The style exceeds looks. The creator has considered every part of the brush, to make sure it offers the best care and experience. Not just a sonic innovation quieter, but it’s gentler on your gums, making it more secure for kids and elders as well.

The Digital Side

This innovation will completely change the way you brush your teeth. It supports several users on one profile, thus, you can have the whole family’s brushing routines in just one device. The application Kolibree permits a real-time experience with data sent out directly to your mobile phone. You will understand whether you have actually brushed long enough after 2 minutes of music or video.

In the early morning, we are often in a rush. Kolibree enables you to see every day and weekly reports at your leisure. These basic reports consist of information about the best ways to have much cleaner teeth. It also informs you about the best ways to cover all the zones of your mouth.

Dentists love the Kolibree brush

Oral professionals all around the world are excited about this app. You will have the ability to decide to share your reports with your dentist.

Kids as well love the brush

Games motivate kids. Thus, the company is likewise trying to integrate games to keep kids engaged. This will encourage them to brush longer. While this is a big win for kids, it’s also a win for moms and dads, who can see whether their kids are not only brushing enough time, however, whether they are brushing correctly.

How is brushing recorded?

The recording of how you brush with Kolibree and for how long is probably the most complicated part of the procedure! The toothbrush has 3D motion sensing units. Practically, this means the sensing units measure every possible orientation and motion of your toothbrush to develop your raw brushing information.

This info is transferred in genuine time to your device while you are brushing. Then a mathematical algorithm is used inside the app to analyze this raw information and transform it into 3D map of your mouth similar to a dental check-up.

The Kolibree transfers the data to your gadget in much the same way as numerous of your other household home appliances by using Bluetooth. To obtain technical, the electric toothbrush and your gadget have Bluetooth chips that send out and receive electromagnetic waves to each other, which carry your brushing information.

Kolibree Pros & Cons


  • 1 Cleaning mode – Simple and uncomplicated cleaning mode for simply finishing the job.
  • Battery life – 2 weeks of battery life is available from the fully charged Lithium Ion battery. The brush is simple and easy for charging.
  • Style – The slim, lightweight and elegant profile make this a great looking brush and relatively comfy to hold.
  • Interactivity – The interactive video game for kids is especially good and makes wonderful use of the brush sensors.
  • Sensors – The developed sensors are really accurate and can truly tell where the brush is.


  • Box contentsFor the price you pay, it would be great to have a spear set of brush heads.
  • Bluetooth app – Even though it says that multiple users can be tracked on the same device, in reality, only one can really be followed.