Growing plants is such a tough job when you think of plantation. But how does a GROW Duo – the intelligent planter that grows plants on itself sounds?

In an era of healthy eating and living better, not many people have actually thought of growing their own plants in their gardens. Well, if you reside in an apartment that does not mean you are justified. Why? – Because the founder of GROW Duo was actually living in an apartment with a roof.

The ‘Clicking Moment’ for GROW Duo

Idan Cohen is the guy that was living in the New York apartment which was the crucial time for creating this brand new intelligent planter that will change things significantly for the home planters.

When he first experienced the New York touch, he wanted to build a vegetable garden on his own roof, but he knew that the whole process would not be as easy as it seems. In the very beginning, he struggled with issues how to build the planter and which seeds would be better according to the climate and space. He states that there were no quality materials and easy to use products for creating this garden, so instead he followed his vision.

After working too hard, he built the GROW Duo. This is an intelligent planter which is specially designed for small gardens or balconies and for people who love organic food. The whole process of planting is quite simple. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the care plants need, because GROW Duo waters itself!

How Does GROW Duo Actually Helps

Well, this is not a difficult question, because GROW Duo is comparable to flower planters, just smarter! The coolest part of this whole project is the sensor and app combination. As I mentioned previously, the planter works with an app that gathers data from your environment and afterwards pulls info about exactly what your plants need.

Likewise, the app will advise you which plants are perfect for your conditions. You don’t need an experience, just GROW Duo. For those interested in the price, you still have time to buy it for $199. After the promotion, it will cost $249. The shipping time does not begin until January, so think about it while you have some time left.

Perhaps the price is not convenient for everyone’s pocket, but we must appreciate innovation and the ability to eat what you make. You don’t have to worry anymore about the chemicals that are poured in the plants because it’s your choice how to do it.