If you struggle with programming, or you are looking for a fun way for your kids to learn programming, there is a new exciting robot that can teach you how to do it. Meet Robopal.

When it comes to programming, I constantly leave tasks to specialists, considering that I will not only destroy everything, but I will probably lose double time, end up being angry and have to pay someone who knows what is doing to clean my mess. So these days, to prevent all that, there is a brand-new method to learn basic programming concepts. It does not involve any video tutorials nor written words. All you need is just Robopal – the robot which will teach you and your kids (if you actually have them) the basics of programming.

Robopal – Let This Robot Teach You The Basics

Robopal was of course made by a Chinese company. It was manufactured by Suzhou Robopal Co., Ltd. And designed by ECOVACS Robotics Co., Ltd. http://www.ecovacs.com/us/ which excel in bringing cool and useful innovations for our homes.

Primarily, this robot is produced for children from 4 to 15. However, if you are one of those people who are clueless when it comes to programming, and you need it for a business, then it does no harm having Robopal around you.

Why Robopal is The Perfect Fit for Everyone

All in all, kids can learn to program based on the concepts underlying the programming languages. If your kid takes pleasure in mathematics, then this would be a great amusing toy that will trigger his/her thinking. At the specific time, their analytic thinking is trained, and their informatics, science, and technology are thought. If this robot existed when I was a kid, it would have been my best friend for sure.

If you are an adult, this does not indicate that you will have no use of this robot. Because, you can configure it to speak, move, dance and even work as a guardian of your home. Besides teaching coding, this robot can be quite inspirational, and your kid might build a boat, or even create its own startup because it is never too soon to start. To figure out the basics and how to manoeuvre the robot, here are some tutorials that might help you https://www.robopal.us.

Anyways, have fun with this eco-friendly robot that will provide you quality time and knowledge. They also recently met their goal on the Kickstarter campaign.