The Diabeto Device assists in huge information transfer from people with diabetes to the cloud. It makes life easier for patients, and here is why.

Diabeto Device  is a remote patient tracking, chronic disease management, and health service for people with diabetes. It consists of hardware devices, which wirelessly transmits blood sugar readings into an accessible mobile application. However, the service remotely presses the information and makes significant modifications to a patient’s diabetes therapy.

The Diabeto Device

Diabeto Device is a complete diabetes management system which consists of non-intrusive Bluetooth powered available hardware device that enables the transfer of blood glucose readings from your Glucometer into a mobile phone. These readings from the Diabeto Device are then saved safely on a cloud server for easy access to your information, anywhere, anytime! You can access this data on smart phone device application (Diabeto mobile application), website application, as well as on pebble watch.

Who is the Diabeto Device for?

The Diabeto Device is not only advantageous for individuals with diabetes. However, all the stakeholders associated with management of Diabetes. Therefore, health care specialists in hospital, clinics, doctors’ offices can take advantage of this particular application.

The Diabeto Device monitors blood sugar levels, meals, medication, activity, and mood. It analyzes objective medication usage, client created information and developed standards are examined to provide real-time info and visualizations for enhanced decision-making and operational efficiencies.

Why was Diabeto created?

The reason might be apparent, however, the co-founders actually discuss what drove them to produce this application and Diabeto Device. Shreekant Pawar discusses the long life battle of his parents with diabetes. He knows there is no cure for this yet, however, hoped to improve their lives. Together with co-founders Hemanshu Jain and Amir Shaikh, they created an app that can save people time for doctor’s appointments. Additionally, it will function as their personal diary, only reminding them when to take a new measurement.

Diabeto System

Diabeto is a combination of:

  • Hardware which transfers readings from the Glucometer into smart device
  • A mobile phone application which provides comprehensive trends and insights about your diabetes. These readings are securely pushed onto a safe cloud server.
  • A web application/interface which pulls the readings from the cloud server and provides comprehensive insights just like the Diabeto Device.
  • A pebble watch screen for remote monitoring. The readings are pulled from the cloud server, hence making your information easily available from anywhere.

How to use the Diabeto Device

This application is very easy to use. After you take your glucose levels reading, switch on Diabeto. Plug it in the Glucometer, start with the application and voila, the readings are synchronized wirelessly from the Glucometer into your mobile phone.

Exactly, what is more, it has a smaller footprint and a perfectly believed ergonomic design and can be quickly brought around with you in your pocket or Glucometer pouch. In addition, with the application you can track your mood, medication (Insulin consumption), exercise and relate it to your blood sugar levels.  These are transformed immediately from the Diabeto hardware.

The application immediately plots stunning graphs which would offer you a concept of your patterns over the week, month, and year. Likewise, you can select custom dates and produce PDF reports which you can email to your health care practitioner for his opinion. The mobile application presses the readings to a safe cloud server which are then accessed safely with a simple to understand web application. The web application offers insights on glucose levels over an amount of time in addition to other criteria recorded in the mobile application.

Diabeto Application

Because diabetes does not have a remedy, diabetes management is an important part of managing both type 1 and 2. The Diabeto app makes the whole procedure basic and enjoyable. The user interface is extremely easy but instinctive. The application presents you with the most crucial functional information that makes the self- tracking of blood glucose levels incredibly simple and does not feel like a task. So, ignore the paper log book journals and use the system to clinically manage your diabetes in a simple way.

Use your very same username and password which you utilized for the Android application into your cloud app and get a comprehensive summary of your diabetes information, as well as see how this blood glucose information is impacted by mood, carbohydrates, exercise, insulin, medications etc.


  • Get a customised diet training from genuine diabetes coaches via the app.
  • Log blood glucose/ blood sugar with just a click.
  • Log other important specifications like the state of mind, carbohydrates, reading type, activity, and notes.
  • Tape-record your basal and bolus insulin.
  • Set your Diabetes type. Diabeto app is created for both type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes users.
  • Set your desired glucose range.
  • Capability to set your hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia varieties.
  • Tape-record your blood sugar either in mg/dl or mmol/l.
  • Get daily, weekly, monthly, annual analysis.
  • Set pointers and always remember to inspect and measure blood sugar/ blood glucose.
  • Secure cloud backup.
  • Open door to web cloud application.
  • Get comprehensive analysis of your data on the Diabeto web cloud.

In addition, on Youtube,  you can find the tutorial for this amazing application. Keep up with the good work Diabeto!