Decluttr is a service that buys used CDs, DVDs, Blurays, and games online. They give you a quote upfront, then send you a free shipping label. Once they receive your items, they send a check in the mail. Sounds simple, right?

Shortly after the service was launched, Decluttr released an app for Android and iPhone that allows users to scan the barcodes on their items using the camera on their smartphone. Previously, users had to type in the barcode number, making the selling process a lot more time consuming.

Decluttr is for personal use only. A lot of “flippers”, people who buy lots of CDs/DVDs/Bluerays for dirt cheap and then sell them back for higher prices, have attempted to take advantage of the service. However, Decluttr has found a way to weed them out, by cross-checking shipments from each user to make sure there aren’t too many duplicate items. Most people don’t buy 5 copies of a movie for their personal collection, so it makes sense.

The Good

The premise is a good one. The process is easy and transparent – you get a quote upfront, so you don’t have to worry about being ripped off after you send in your items, and they pay for shipping, which helps you make more money.

The barcode scanner makes the process a lot faster as well…

The Bad

There are a lot of complaints in the Play Store and the App Store about the barcode scanner not working, even on newer phones. The scanner with either not read the barcode, or will register the wrong items.

A lot of people have also complained about the prices they are quoted. The average quote for a DVD in near-perfect condition is 50 cents, or a little more if it’s a special edition or box set. Decluttr also does not accept any item that isn’t in its original case, with all included booklets, and without any stickers or scratches on the case. Unless you’ve kept all of your old movies and games stored perfectly, it’s unlikely that all of them are in the condition Decluttr requires.

We reached out to Decluttr team to get a word about the reported issues but received only a canned response.


As long as you’re aware that you won’t be receiving top dollar for your old games and movies, Decluttr is a great service. They strive to make the process as simple as possible for sellers, by providing a barcode scanner and free shipping.

This isn’t a service for flippers hoping to make a lot of money, but if you’re just looking to clear out some room in your apartment, it’s hard to find anything else as user-friendly as Decluttr.