I bet you didn’t realize you needed a “smart” trash can, right? Well, the inventors of Bruno seek to prove you wrong.

Bruno is a trash can and vacuum in one. Simply sweep your dirt over to Bruno’s vacuum intake, and it will suck it all in, eliminating the need for dust pans. It also has built in wifi reminders to purchase more bags, or to take the trash out on trash day.

The Bruno app is available on Android and iPhone. The company just finished their Kickstarter campaign, making over $100,000, and they’re accepting pre orders now. Bruno has a planned ship date of October 2015, and the current preorder price is 3 payments of $59.

Bruno was invented by Jim Howard and Lori Montag, self-described “serial inventors” who are also responsible for Zanybands and slapwatch.

The Good

Bruno is certainly a unique idea. Sweeping can be a pain in the butt, so anything that makes it easier is welcome. The wifi notifications add a level of “smart” to the trashcan, and the lid opens via motion-sensor. The price is also not completely ridiculous, though, without anything else like this on the market, it’s hard to say how reasonable it is.

The Bad

When I first heard about Bruno, I was expecting a Roomba-type vacuuming robot with a trash can attached. The reality was a little disappointing – you have to sweep everything right up to Bruno in order for it to vacuum the dirt up. It’s yet to be determined if there’s even a market for this type of gadget, even amongst the Silicon Valley early adopter crowd.


If you have the money to spend on a fun little appliance that eliminates the need for dust pans and reminds you to take the trash out, Bruno is for you.