If trying and returning clothes from your own home seemed like a dream, now, you can enjoy Bombfell – the shipping store.

Bernard Yoo has definitely made every men’s dream come true. When going out and trying clothes seems like an impossible mission, rest on the couch scrolling through Bombfell

What is Bombfell?

Bombfell is a guy’s personal stylist and membership box that sets the wearer to high-end clothing stores. Each month a personal stylist takes into account your personal choices such as the brands you enjoy, how you like to use your clothes, and exactly what clothing enhance your complexion or body type.

You can think of it as your best friend who knows your style and sends you brand name clothing for you to try. This shipping store requires users to detail all their sizing and design preferences. It also pays close attention to details, such as your body shape, skin tone, and preferred surface or fit (baggy, slim and so on) to make sure that receiver gets something they enjoy.

Why is Bombfell Unique?

What makes this online shipping store unique is that they deal with four different types of guys. The man who is too busy to select clothing, the man who wants to step up his design, the man who is looking for strong clothes recommendations, and the guy who wishes to look good for his partner. Likewise, this shipping store asks you thoughtful concerns about exactly what you wear, and what you wish to avoid. That is perfect, right?

You Have Own Personal Stylist

Having a personal stylist can make you feel like a star. Bombfell provides you with a stylist who will pick clothes for you. Your order info is sent out to you in an e-mail for you to sneak peek, and you can amend the amends to your liking and verify within 48 hours.

Unboxing Your Clothes

Unlike most stores, Bombfell sends their clothes in a sturdy plastic bag, instead of a big box. Perhaps this does not leave a very glamorous first impression, but it is a good call. Your clothes will stay undamaged. Likewise, inside the bag, you will find a printed tag saying you can return the clothes for free.


Bombfell is a two-fold shipping service that provides clothes from different clothing stores and likewise cares for your personal styling. They even ask you if you like their design and if you would like to join their crusade.