Life insurance coverage is constantly a must, but often the process of getting one is rather aggravating and old-fashioned. Haven Life is not like that.

Nowadays when everything can be finished electronically, people avoid standing in lines. Why wait in lines for something that can be ready with a few clicks? Haven Life is a totally brand-new method to obtain insured in a few minutes. In the majority cases, there is no need for medical examination or documentation.

When I purchase travel or health insurance coverage, large crowds are always present. A couple of hours always fly by while waiting for the paperwork and procedure to get the green light. To be able to acquire online insurance not only reduces my day, but it makes it hassle-free.

Haven Life- Conserve Time & Money

Assuming that a trip to the insurance company would cost you a fortune, with Haven Life there is no need for paying extra. It is one of the major benefits when it comes to choosing online or ‘live processing’ insurance.

Haven Life is a life insurance coverage company based in New York. Mass Shared owns the business that saves your efforts from wandering around the counters. Rather than waiting the finishing days of the papyrology, and the several-week underwriting treatment, now everything can be achieved online. Most of the individuals do not need a medical checkup. Rather, the slogan stays the very same ‘to make life less difficult.’

The Haven Life Timeline

The founder of Haven Life, Yaron Ben-Zvi expresses the main reason behind the existence of this online insurance. In an interview, he specifies that the entire idea is a real story which happened after his wife gave birth.

In the process of purchasing an insurance for his newborn, the entire procedure was aggravating with legalese and complicated items. So, two years back, in an attempt to make changes, Haven Life was born. Now the range of candidates only has to address 30 questions before they get their insurance. Yet, complicated cases still need to do some testings.

The Group Is Always Ingenious

Haven Life initially appeared in 2015, and since, it is gathering data, medical viewpoints and making standards. The CTO Todd Rogers has told several times that no third-party tools will be used throughout the process of gathering and storing data.

The future for Haven Life is really bright, and the effort will certainly settle. Bid farewell to the insurance employees who don’t pay you the correct attention. With this online insurance coverage company, everything is personal…