Businesses start and end almost daily. What causes one to crash or skyrocket is the way it is apprehended. These are the most useful applications you should have!

Being an entrepreneur comes with great responsibilities. This person should be well-organized, with exceptional skills, but most of all to know the latest trends in the technology.  Likewise, you should always be one step ahead of the others and be sustainably creative. Since phones are part of our daily modern lives, I give you the most useful applications you should have on your smart phone.

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs are people who not only know what they are doing with their lives and careers but are people you will want to have in your life. Why? The answer is really simple. When starting a career or business, you will need a right hand or someone from who you will learn the basic keys to leading a successful biz. If I did it, you can do it too. Start from the Savvy Ways to Up your Game as a Startup Owner and learn the most useful applications that will get bookmarked in your brain and bring you the success.

The Most Useful Applications for Every Business

There will be days when your office or working place will seem like a jungle. To avoid issues with your team, besides using Skype, you will need other apps that will make your shift easier. If you are an entrepreneur, you will find these useful applications a life saver.


Instead of annoying your co-workers on Skype and sending private messages to your boss, use Asana. This is one of my dearest and useful applications I have ever encountered. Founded in 2008 by young entrepreneurs who got tired of working for Facebook, Asana is now part of every business. It allows you to add tasks, documents, comments and chat with your team at once, giving them all the instructions needed for their job. After someone is making a comment or an attachment, you will be notified directly in the app and also on your e-mail.


Whether you have a team or working by yourself, Trello will help you manage your tasks, videos, photos, and notes in the fastest and easiest way. Constantly forgetting when your meeting is? No worries, Trello is here to remind you. Is there any better and useful app than this one which will work as a calendar and planner as well?


When dealing with clients or potential workers in your team, Jibbigo is a great way to stay in touch with them and respect their culture. This is one of the most useful applications especially if you are often business traveling because it can translate text and voice as well.


Lastly, there is an app that manages all your finances, so your desk or working place is never filled with paper bills. Mint brings you your savings account, charge card, expenses, and investments, so you will always know how and where you spend, as well as the due dates and track your bills constantly.

Instead of using the time for increasing your traffic and customers, you are probably wasting it on your team. Make everyone a favor and start using these apps and soon you will notice the positive outcomes.