We all read articles too often, but do you read all your favourite authors? In case you don’t – Authory can show you all of them.

All busy people can relate that it is hard to keep up with your favourite journalists. Perhaps this is because some websites or companies do not even give accreditation to the original writers. As a content writer myself, I have always been curious how people react to what I write. When a person has different interests and writes in different niches, this can be a bit confusing to the audience. This is precisely where Authory steps up.

Authory – The Perfect Tool for Publishers

If you have learned the lesson from Carrie Bradshaw on making backups, good for you! Otherwise, you might be just like me – spending too much time finding where my article is hiding from me and if I actually have a copy of it. Well, this is coming to an end, all thanks to Authory.

When you don’t want to save everything on your computer, because who knows what can happen with it, then you can turn to Authory. It is a relatively new tool for publishers to be able to upload all of their articles in the same place and never switch from folder to folder to find the piece.

Authory is quite easy. It likewise offers a property for all your readers to be able to track your work no matter where you publish them. Because let’s be honest. Your favourite journalist or even you are probably not working for just one paper or blog.

Meet the Father of Authory

Eric Hauch is the founder of Authory and we all have to thank him for his work.

The entire concept was born after being disappointed. After checking out an article by chance, he figured out that this was his favourite author, and the story never showed up on his feed. He began figuring out how to make it possible to get informed whenever a new article gets released and how individuals can actually save all their articles in one place.

When consulting with journalists, they all confided in him that they works are not appreciated enough because the target audience is far from seeing it all. Now, thanks to him, publishers can save all their works in one place. Also, we can subscribe to author’s accounts and get notified when a new piece comes out, no matter where it is published.

All this for $7 per month. Well, this is totally worth it!